Family Dentistry

Trust forms the cornerstone of our family dental practice, and we continue to serve generations of North Battleford families while welcoming new patients into our family. When you come to our office you’ll feel like you belong here.

Family Dentistry
Youth and Children

Children And Youth

The foundation for good dental heath begins with proper education at an early age. We teach kids the right way to brush, floss, and take care of their dental health.
We also care for your child’s teeth and help prevent decay with regular cleanings and fluoride treatments, and we provide decay prevention treatments such as dental sealants.
As your children get older, we’ll help them through the loss of their baby teeth and the growth of their permanent teeth. Common issues when children age include orthodontic correction for misaligned teeth, wisdom teeth removal, and developing good dental health and eating habits to prevent decay and gum disease.

We Listen, Care and Explain.

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We support seniors and their caregivers to meet their changing dental health needs. Are you looking for a family dentist you can trust? Call us today to book an appointment.



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