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Gum Disease in North Battleford

Gum Disease

Gum disease can cause tooth loss, chronic bad breath, and damage to your gums and jawbones. It can also lead to other serious health conditions such as heart disease. Our periodontal services help keep your gums healthy by preventing and treating infections and the conditions that lead to gum disease.
GD - Gum Disease
GD - Gum Disease-Scaling And Root Planning

Scaling And Root Planning

Scaling and Root planning is preformed by your Dental Hygienist. Your gums can become irritated when soft sticky debris or tarter accumulates around the tooth. Scaling and root planning is necessary to remove the tarter around the portion of the root above and below the gums to achieve a smooth surface, remove the bacteria causing the inflammation and to achieve optimal oral health and prevent gum disease.
Your gums can become irritated if tartar builds up on your teeth or if there are rough spots or irregularities on the surface of the roots of your teeth. Scaling and root planning are techniques we use to remove tartar, make the roots of your teeth smooth, and to prevent inflammation.

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Tooth Extraction

When a tooth becomes infected, it can present a risk to surrounding tissue and your other teeth. Extraction is necessary to prevent further infection and possible gum disease.

Socket Preservation

An extracted tooth leaves an empty socket in your jaw. The socket can collapse, causing the adjacent teeth to shift positions. We fill the socket with bone graft material to prevent this from happening.

Ridge Augmentation

The alveolar ridge is the raised bone structure that contains the sockets your teeth. If you lose teeth, the tissue in the ridge can break down and lead to the ridge changing shape. Ridge augmentation is a procedure where we use bone and tissue grafts to rebuild the ridge and restore its appearance.

Sinus Lift

Dental implants in the upper jaw require sufficient bone for a secure foundation. Sometimes bone in this area can be thin and placing an implant can cause damage to the sinuses just above your mouth. We can augment the bone with bone grafts to build up enough bone in the area to support the implant.

Bone Grafts

Bone is living tissue and it’s vulnerable to infections and injury. When bone tissue is lost, it can reduce the structural strength of your jaws and affect the appearance of your mouth. We rebuild lost bone by grafting donor bone tissue in the area. The donor tissue integrates into your natural bone.

Pocket Depth Reduction

The gum tissue around your teeth can pull back and form a small pocket. If these pockets become too deep, they can harbour dangerous bacteria that can cause an infection in your gums. To treat this, we surgically reduce the size of the pockets.

Flap Procedures

Flap procedures refer to any procedure that requires us to make an incision in your gums to gain access to the tissue underneath. This incision creates a little “flap” of gum tissue that we pull back. After the procedure, we suture the flap back into place.


Frenectomy is the surgical removal of connective tissue inside your mouth. It’s used to treat conditions where the tissue is too tight and causes discomfort. Frenectomy is a very common surgical procedure performed on infants, children and adults. It is the removal of a small fold of tissue that connects one part of the mouth to another. They’re multiple reasons the dentist will recommended a frenectomy, for example it can be to increase range of motion of the tongue or to close a gap between teeth, or it can be preformed to help prevent gum loss.

Crown Lengthening

To make teeth appear longer, or to prepare teeth for restoration with a crown, we remove gum tissue from around the base of the teeth. This exposes more of the crown.
Symptoms of gum disease include sore and bleeding gums. Call us today if you experience these symptoms.