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TMJ (Jaw Pain) Therapy in North Battleford


The soft joint between your lower jaw and your skull can become inflamed and can cause a number of symptoms that we call TMJ. TMJ can result in chronic headaches and facial pain, trouble opening your mouth or chewing, or trouble swallowing. We can help you find relief with diagnosis and treatment services.


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TMJ Diagnosis

Before we can treat TMJ, we need to determine the factors that are causing the inflammation. TMJ is caused when the joint and your jaws are placed under stress. This can result from anxiety, clenching or grinding, occlusion (bite) problems, or behaviours like chewing gum or biting your nails.

Diagnosis includes a physical examination of your mouth, jaws, and skull, questions about your general health and habits, and x-ray examination of the joint and surrounding area.

Treatment Methods

TMJ is treated by identifying the cause of the inflammation and reducing stress on your jaw. Common treatments include anti-inflammatory medications, changing eating habits, physiotherapy and massage, and orthodontic correction for bite and alignment problems.

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