Sports Guards and Bite Appliances

Custom-made guards are the best protection for your teeth against injury. We provide bite appliances and sports guards that prevent serious damage to your teeth.

Sports Guards and Bite Appliances

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Bite Appliances for Nighttime Grinding

Many people grind their teeth while sleeping. Grinding or “bruxing” can cause oral health problems such as worn-down or misaligned teeth, bite problems, and chronic jaw pain. Bite appliances can help prevent these problems by keeping your jaws in place, so you can’t grind your teeth.

Prevent Impact Injuries with Sports Guards

Sports guards are the reason why the classic hockey smile has become less common. Made from impact-absorbing material, guards soften the impact of sports injuries and prevent your teeth from being broken or knocked out.
Custom-made guards are comfortable and fit your teeth perfectly. Call today to learn more.


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